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2018 Edition

Let’s start with a few figures.  During the 2017 event, the 20th 4L Trophy™ rally, 1,450 teams, giving a total of 2,900 competitors from 1,460 colleges and universities took off from the Halle Iraty in Biarritz, with a single, unique Departure Village on board the legendary Renault 4L.  Their goal was Marrakesh, the final destination at the end of a trip lasting ten days and covering nearly 6,000 kilometres on the roads of France and Spain as well as the off-road tracks of Morocco, all following the familiar format that has made the 4L Trophy™ Rally Europe’s largest student rally.

However, the 4L Trophy™ Rally is more than just a few lines of figures: it’s an amazing humanitarian adventure filled with challenges that encourage sporting prowess and charitable activity, open to students aged between 18 and 28 years old.  The challenge for the winner is not to go quickly but to navigate effectively, and the first requirement is to get over the finish line.  Getting to that stage requires the competitors to discover the true meaning of the word support, avoiding the pitfalls and the sandy wadis where many will fall by the wayside, unable to escape the sands and helping their fellow competitors to fix their mechanical breakdowns.  Only the support of others allows the feeling of immense satisfaction that comes from a job well done that can be seen on the faces of all successful participants, alongside their pride in having given everything for themselves and for others.

As well as their thirst for the wide open spaces, the crews set off in their Renault 4Ls, carrying equipment and school supplies to help Morocco’s most underprivileged children.
Solidarity for the local populations is not just a buzzword for the 4L Trophy™ Rally: it’s embedded in its DNA.  The emotional response of all participants at the ceremony to hand over donations, organised in partnership with the Enfants du désert (“Children of the Desert”) Charity is a highlight of the adventure and testimony to the importance of the solidarity shown by the participants.

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From Thursday 15 February to Sunday 25 February, it’s time for the ultimate adventure on the Moroccan rally stages: desert trails, sand dunes, breathtaking landscapes, navigation by compass-point and sometimes, being overwhelmed by the sands – not to mention life in the bivouac between Moroccan dinners, the crackling campfires, watching the video highlights of the day on the big screen or even getting your hands dirty making repairs in the workshop area, all in the wide open desert in the middle of nowhere!

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Follow the Rally’s progress

From the Departure Village until arrival in Marrakesh, follow the progress of the 4L Trophy™ and all the stages that await in the course of this unique adventure.

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Take part in 2018

To take part in the 21th iteration of the world’s largest student rally, you will need to meet the following four criteria: you will need to be a student, aged between 18 and 28 years, and hold both a class B driving licence and a current passport.  Everything else will fall into place behind the wheel of the legendary 4L.

NB: Waivers may be granted for students who complete their studies.

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Our partners

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Registration for the 4L Trophy 2018 has opened !

Registration for the 4L Trophy 2018 is now open

Practical information:

The 21th rally will take place from 15 to 25 February 2018.

Registration is already open and places are limitedTake action and reserve your place by pre-registering now!

Enjoy an Privilege Pre-registration discount of €150 for all pre-registrations completed by 31 May 2017!

Find full information about registering for 2018 by clicking here.

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How do I register for the 4L Trophy™ Rally?


The first step towards taking part in the 4L Trophy™ Rally is online pre-registration. This needs you to fill out the pre-registration form. Once this form has been properly completed, print and sign it and return it to us at the address shown, accompanied by a pre-registration deposit cheque for €400.  Payment can also be made online via and, upon request, by bank transfer.

You will quickly receive an e-mail as well as pre-registration confirmation message that contains your team number.  You will therefore be included in the 4L Trophy™ Rally’s records and will receive regular information newsletters.  Once your application has been received, you’ll receive an e-mail confirming your pre-registration as well as your team number and access codes, allowing you to view the participants’ workspace that contains a number of files that will help you to prepare for the rally.


The fee to take part in 2018 is €3,290.

Depending on your pre-registration date, you may be entitled to a preferential rate:

  • Premier Pre-registration (before 31 March 2017): A €200 discount on your registration fees.
  • Privileged Pre-registration (from 1 April to 31 May 2017): A €150 discount on your registration fees.
  • Standard Pre-registration (from 1 June to 30 November 2017): please note that all places may be allocated before 30 November): Standard, non-discounted fees of €3,290.


Why should I pre-register early?

By pre-registering, you ensure that:

  • Your place on the Rally is reserved;
  • You’ll enjoy a discount on your registration fee;
  • You’ll be given a reservation certificate, which will usefully enhance your credibility when dealing with potential partners and sponsors;
  • It makes taking part easier: the organisers of the 4L Trophy™ Rally will give you a preview of all the tricks and tips you need to prepare effectively for the departure;
  • To gain early access to the participants’ workspace, which is a goldmine of information to take you to the starting line.

Find detailed information about the registration process in the participants’ workspace under the heading: REGISTRATION.

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Who can take part in 2018?

A team must be made up of two students (exceptions may be requested for non-students): a driver and a co-driver, both of whom are authorised to drive during the rally.

In order to take part in the 4L Trophy™, each competitor must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged between 18 and 28 years;
  • Hold a Class B driving licence;
  • Have a current, valid passport that remains valid until the return date.

The first two conditions must be met at the time of pre-registering for the 4L Trophy™ Rally.

Under-18s are not accepted, either as drivers or co-drivers.
Waiver requests (e.g., as a result of completing studies) must be submitted to the organisation in advance.

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Distribution of donations collected during the Raid 4L Trophy

A distribution of donations was done by a partner charity of Enfants Du Désert based in Tinejdad!

A wonderful day was organized (show, music and donation of school material).

We are grateful for the fact that all the participants encourage the access to quality teaching to all the children in southern Morocco.

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Film souvenir – Raid 4L Trophy 2017

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Earn a week end in Marrakech with Etudiant Trendy

Week end a marrakech



Do you wish to come at the end of the 4L Trophy in Marrakech? L’Etudiant Trendy offers you a week end ( from 23th to 25th february) in Marrakech for two for the end of the adventure. You will be our guest for the ending party of the 21st 4L Trophy.


Including in the week end:


Flights Paris/Marrakech and return + 2 nights in 4* hostel half board

2 entries for the party


How to play? That’s so easy ! You can play on :


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solidarity review

For the 20th birthday of 4L Trophy you have been so good !

At all, you have helped more than 20 000 children.

Before the race, we have collected 42 900 euros because of you Trophistes !

Moreover Amixem and sup3r Konar ( youtubeurs) have offered a gift of 35 000 euros.

Amazing gifts mean amazing project: in 2017 we will open 5 schools in the moroccan desert.

Find all of datas on our website:


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Biarritz, beggining of the adventure


For the fourth time, the town of Biarritz receives us for the beggining of the adventure 4L Trophy !

Between moutains and sea, France and Spain, this beautiful place of pays basque will gather all the Trophistes of the 21st 4L Trophy. This hudge departure will show the begging of the race in a festive atmosphere where families and partneers can wish an amazing time to Trophistes. Last year, this event gather more than 10 000 visitors on two days.

This year the departure will be on the 14 and 15 february at the Halle d’Iraty.

We hope to see you all to launch together countdown of the 21st 4L Trophy !



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The ambassador’s day 2018


And if it was you ?

Each year Enfant du désert organize the Ambassador’s day to allow 40 crew to live an amazing experience with childrens.

Schedule: visits of schools builed by the 4l trophy’s students, meeting and activities with childrens.

To be one of the 40 crew choosen you will need imagination , motivation and creativity to realize a project for the association and become a real ambassador!

You can pick one of the three:

–          Collect donations for the building of schools (sell of cakes or drinks, party, race..)

–          Making of an advertise for Enfants du Désert

–          Propose a game or an activity to play with children the day of the gifts’ ceremony.


You can Join Jéromine or Laetitia of Enfants Du Désert to get advices and informations about your projects ! ! /

To get ready your subscription you can click here, you will discover the questions asked In the subscription file.

Once you are ready, click here !

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Included in the cost of registration

Traversée en bateau - Raid 4L Trophy
  • Organisation of Departure Villages, technical and administrative checks.
  • Return boat crossing for 2 people and vehicle between Algéciras and Tangier.
  • Half board (breakfast and supper) in the bivouac.
  • Management of the bivouac, real villages in the middle of the desert.
  • Event organisation, logistical and technical support in Morocco.
  • Mechanical support from the rally organisation’s 50 mechanics.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Provision of roadbook and daily briefings.
  • Civil liability for the event organisation.
  • Production, promotion and media coverage of the event for the year up to, during and after departure.
  • Purchase of carbon credits from Climat Mundi, to offset your CO2 emissions during the competition.
  • Two nights half board in a hotel in Marrakesh.
  • The Gala evening and awards ceremony (dinner, show and musical entertainment).

Find information about fees in the participant section.

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In the opinion of those who’ve taken part in the adventure, the 4L Trophy™ Rally isn’t something to be talked about: you have to experience it first-hand.

Over the course of ten days, time stands still and you forget your “other life.”  Against a backdrop of sumptuous landscapes, you keep moving forward, everyone supporting one another, meeting new people, discussing and exchanging ideas – and the result is that competitors finish the trip with a new outlook on life.  For the crews, the schedule involves a 6,000 kilometers journey on paved roads and dirt tracks through France, Spain, and Morocco, with the final destination being Marrakesh.

The adventure starts with two days spent at the Departure Village, which will be in Biarritz from 14 to 15 February.

Each crew is subject to technical and administrative checks carried out by the organisation and is only authorised to cross the starting line once full compliance with the regulations is achieved.

All teams make their own way towards Algeciras for a meet-up and a large briefing session on Saturday 17 February on Spanish territory, after which everyone heads to Morocco via ferries that are specially chartered by the organisation to cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

From 18 February to 23 February, it’s time for the ultimate adventure on the Moroccan stages of the rally: desert tracks, sand dunes, breathtaking landscapes, navigation by compass-point and sometimes, being overwhelmed by the sands – not to mention life in the bivouac between Moroccan dinners, the crackling campfires, watching the video highlights of the day on the big screen or even getting your hands dirty making repairs in the workshop area, all in the wide open desert in the middle of nowhere!

On Friday 23 February, the teams arrive in Marrakesh, while the grand prize-giving evening will take place there on Saturday 24 February 2018.

The following day, the adventure comes to an end in Algeciras after the return crossing by boat, and everyone heads home at his or her own pace, with memories filling their minds.

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Dates to remember

  • 31 Mars 2017: Closure of Avant-Première Pre-registration.
  • 31 May 2017: Closure of Privileged Pre-registration.
  • 30 November 2017 : Closure of Pre-registration (or earlier if the quota is reached).
  • 15 December 2017 : Deadline for submitting final applications and definitive closing date for registration.
  • 14 & 15 February 2018 : Two days at the Departure Village in Biarritz. Mandatory technical and administrative checks for all crews, after which crews make their own way to Algeciras to meet up.
  • 16 & 17 February 2018 : Reception and briefing session in Algeciras (Spain).
  • 17 & 18 February 2018 : Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar by boat.
  • 18 – 23 February 2018 : 6 stages in the Deep South of Morocco.
  • 23 February 2018 : Arrival in Marrakesh.
  • 24 February 2018 : Rest day – Prize giving – End-of-event party.
  • 25 February 2018 : Boat trip and independent travel in Europe.
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The Departure Village

The rally starts with a Departure Village, the aim of which is to bring together all crews that are taking part in the event for a single, general departure point.  At this pressured time, the organisers undertake technical and administrative checks of the crews, covering issues such as passports, car insurance, medical interviews, driving licence checks, student cards, and a list of the school supplies to be delivered.

This year’s Departure Village will take place on 14 and 15 February 2018 in Biarritz. Mandatory technical and administrative checks for the competitors will be on the agenda, alongside a number of events for the general public.  The highly-anticipated departure will be announced to the competitors at around 12 noon.

Once the departure signal has been given, the teams will head through southern Europe to Algeciras, where specially chartered ferries will await them and take them to northern Morocco.  This marks the true start of the Rally, with the organisers assuming control of the events.

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A typical day on the Rally

Rencontre insolite - Raid 4L Trophy

Morning: all crews prepare for a new day on the Rally. After a traditional Moroccan breakfast, each crew arrives at the departure checkpoint, road book and compass in hand, at the specified time, where the mandatory checks are undertaken.

Then it’s time for the 4Ls to head off for a day on the rally stages. On the agenda are desert trails, sand dunes, breathtaking landscapes, navigation by compass-point and sometimes, being overwhelmed by the sands. Participants make their own lunch arrangements, often stopping in the middle of the desert to enjoy a picnic that would be worthy being called a feast for some people.  Be careful to avoid stopping for too long to ensure that you arrive at the bivouac before nightfall.

In the evening, each 4L passes through the final checkpoint to confirm arrival at the bivouac and for the milometer to be removed.  Depending on the crews’ times of arrival, and how tiring the day has been, everyone is free to make his or her own arrangements for the evening.  After a Moroccan dinner, some feel attracted to the noise of the tom-tom drums, the guitar melodies and the crackling of the campfires.  Others prefer to rest.  As for the unluckiest crews, they spend their evenings getting their hands dirty at the mechanics’ area – which is an adventure in itself!  A communal break for everyone generally takes place around 8 p.m., for a briefing and to view the day’s video headlines, with a summary of the stage being shown on the big screen – all held in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

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Arrival in Marrakesh

The crews will arrive in Marrakesh on 23 February 2018 following the marathon stage.

After a good night’s rest in a four-star hotel and a free day, the crews will reassemble on Saturday, 24 February around 5 p.m. at a key location in Morocco’s southern capital for the end-of-event party as well as an unforgettable prize giving session.

On Sunday 25 February, it’s an early start in the morning, heading for the departure point.  All good things must come to an end, and this time, the end takes the form of a boat trip to Algeciras followed by an independent return through Europe for all participants.

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