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4L Solidarity - France

While the charity actives of the 4L Trophy™ Rally show solidarity with the country that welcomes it, Morocco, the organisation hasn’t forgotten the people of France either.  Since the 2011 rally, the “4L Solidarity” charity requests each crew to bring 10 kg of non-perishable staple goods to the Departure Village.  The goods that are collected in this way are then handed over to the Red Cross and to food banks.

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Accounts of 4L Solidarity 2016

For the sixth consecutive year, we were able to provide support to people in need in France.  Today, we are faced with the undeniable reality that France, too, has it needs, and that is why we created the “4L Solidarity” charity organisation in partnership with the French Red Cross.

Since 2011, we have asked each crew to bring 10 kg of non-perishable staple goods with them.

Once again, we were surprised and delighted by the results, because we were able to achieve our goal, collecting over six tons of donations that were handed collected by the French Red Cross at Iraty Hall in Biarritz! Thanks to the participants in the 2015 rally, more than 15,300 meals will be served (6,900kg of food) to disadvantaged populations!

Thank you for your involvement, and for rising to the challenge – and thank you on behalf of those we have helped.

The 4L Solidarity Team.

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The 4L Solidarity organisation: guiding principles

Dons de denrées à la croix rouge opération 4L Solidaire

The 4L Trophy™ also delivers its aid in France!

The “4L Solidarity” Association has been in operation since 2011, working in partnership with the French Red Cross and requesting that students who compete in the 4L Trophy™ provide 10 kg of non-perishable staple goods per crew.

So… are you ready to join in with the adventure?

If so, you’ll need to load up your sturdy old Renault 4L with 10kg of tinned goods (ready meals, vegetables, sardines, etc.), rice, pasta, and nappies.

The French Red Cross will be in attendance at the Departure Village to collect your donations of food before you set off, and will answer any questions that you may have.

We are therefore relying on you to prove once again that the generosity of the 4L Trophy™ is legendary – and not mythical!

For more information, please don’t take a look at the guide to preparing for the charity actives, which is available in the participants’ workspace.

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