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Operation “Clean Desert”

Every day, one of the major challenges faced by the 4L TROPHY™ is to avoid leaving behind any traces of the bivouac once the teams have departed.  The competitors are therefore requested to comply with a few environmentally friendly measures, while a truck also follows the convoy throughout the rally in order to collect any rubbish that is left behind.

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Clean campsites

Ramassage des déchets sur les bivouacs - Raid 4L Trophy

Because we all love the desert and its landscapes, our commitment is to ensure that it is preserved as much as it can be.  That’s why we leave it as we found it – both in terms of the trails we use and the locations of our campsites.

It’s also basic good manners towards the Kingdom of Morocco, which is our host.

We are therefore pleased to be linked to the Pizzorno Environnement – Segedma Group, who arrange for a rubbish collection truck to follow the convoy from campsite to campsite, while biodegradable bags are provided to each team when they depart in the morning, then returned to the truck in the evening.

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Biodegradable bags

Distribution de sacs Oxo - Raid 4L Trophy

Each crew is given a biodegradable plastic bag at the start of each stage.

This means not only that all of the competitors’ rubbish is collected but, in addition, any bags that might be left behind in the desert will break down naturally and quickly without any lasting impact on the natural environment.

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Green Roads books

Roads Books - Raid 4L Trophy

In order to avoid using trees needlessly, the organisation has decided to print all road books on recycled paper.

With a print run of over 1,300 copies, this small booklet is the leading consumer of paper for the event.

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