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Enfants du désert - Morocco

The charitable aspect of the 4L TROPHY™ leads, each year, to several tons of school equipment being delivered to help Moroccan primary school children and, since 2013, has allowed fifteen new classrooms to be built.  The operation is organised in partnership with the “Enfants du désert” charity, and the “donation ceremony” is one of the emotional highlights of the rally.  For more information, please visit the charity’s official website: Enfants du désert.

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Enfants du Désert – 10 years

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Mission statement

Enfants du désert’s mission is as follows:

Each year to allow over 20,000 children to start school with good working conditions.  To achieve this goal, Enfants du désert collaborates closely with around twenty local organisations to:

build schools and classrooms

provide educational and sporting equipment to children in need.

That’s why we ask every crew to maximise their commitment to supporting Enfants du désert in its mission by delivering educational and sporting equipment and by taking part in the school construction project by making a donation.

You’ll find more details about the different ways to help Enfants du désert in the charitable portfolio.

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Result of the school construction project

During the eighteenth 4L Trophy™ Rally, we kicked off a large classroom building project for the fourth consecutive year.  This useful project, which is consistent with our mission and values, is designed to help a Moroccan region that desperately lacks high quality educational infrastructure.

This activity could never have seen the light of day without your amazing generosity!  The principle was simple: we have added a voluntary financial donation of €20 to contribute to the project.  You, the students, donated the incredible sum of €19,305.75.  The event organisers, the ESO University, Deloitte and Flashsport have added a further €14,360.  We were therefore able to collect a total amount of €33,665.75!

This is an exceptional amount that will allow us to build four classrooms for children in southern Morocco.

The initial project was focused on two sites:

  • Tiharyine, where two classrooms would be built near the Merzouga dunes;
  • Rissani, where two further classrooms would be built at a large, central school.

The project to build the two classrooms that were initially planned at the Rissani School was delayed until a later date by the National Educational Ministry.  We therefore decided to shift our focus to the Haroun School, located in a small village on the outskirts of Rissani, and another site in need to of our assistance.

Laetitia Chevallier, chief executive of the Enfants du désert charity, visited the site every month to monitor the progress of the projects.

During her absence, the building projects were managed by Rachid and Saidi, our local representatives.

The two classrooms at the Haroun site are still being built.  The seven labourers who are responsible are hard at work and, in a month, the premises should officially open their doors to the children of the school.

Once again thanks a million to all the competitors in the 4L Trophy™ Rally.  Thanks to you, hundreds of children are now attending school in the best possible circumstances.  We owe you a debt of gratitude for your involvement!

Big thanks as well to the Rally organisers for their faithful commitment in all our different projects and for their invaluable support!

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List of supplies

Fournitures pour les enfants marocains - Raid 4L Trophy

For the 2015 Raid 4L Trophy™, the Enfants du Désert association and their NGO partners reiterated their wish to provide school bags (containing classroom materials) and backpacks (containing sports equipment) and to extend the “Opération construction” programme.

Thanks to the participants of the 16th edition of the 4L Trophy, 4 classrooms were built in isolated desert towns and over 60 tons of materials were collected. The goal was to improve education and create sport facilities and teams in the poorest regions of Morocco. Today, our project helped build a total of 13 schools.

What is “Opération Construction”?

For the third year of “Opération Construction”, the association Enfants du Désert proposes the following:

You can bring the usual donations, 2 school bags with classroom materials and 2 sports bags with sports gear.


Each team brings:

  • Just 1 school bag with classroom materials
  • Just 1 sports bag with sports gear
  • A donation of 20€ (or more) by cheque made out to Enfants du désert, to be submitted at the Departure Village or sent to: Enfants du Désert – 34, Route du Marsan – 40090 BASCONS, FRANCE.

The latter will allow you not to overcharge your venerable Renault 4L, but most of all, to actively participate in CONSTRUCTING SCHOOLS.

Our desire is to better meet the needs of Moroccan schools, so we advise to bring the following:

2 school bags containing classroom materials:

  • pencil case
  • pens
  • eraser
  • felt tip pens, pencils
  • geometry equipment (compass, ruler, protractor, etc.)
  • books
  • calculator, etc.

2 backpacks containing sports equipment:

  • large and small balls,
  • sports socks
  • t-shirts
  • tracksuits
  • sports shoes
  • training bibs
  • whistles
  • skipping ropes
  • frisbees

Textbooks were not permitted due to language and school curriculum issues.

Suggestions for collection:

  • Link up with a primary school for your project.
  • Get sponsorship from a stationery shop or a supermarket.

Operation Reflective Vests:

  • Due to low or zero visibility on poorly lit roads, many children fall victim to traffic accidents on Moroccan roads. The Enfants du Désert association has decided to act by organising road safety days in schools several times a year. We try to raise awareness about the dangers in traffic and distribute reflective vests. We would like to ask you to help the association by collecting reflective vests for Enfants du Désert.

You can also bring:

  • Computers (please contact us in advance)
  • Hygiene products (please contact us in advance)
  • Toys, etc.

For more information:

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Ambassadors days

In 2015 on the occasion of 10 years of Children of the desert, he had been set up ambassadors days. The principle: offer students who wished not to take the track a day to go to the field closer to the desert realize Enfants shares throughout the year.

The first was a huge success, Children of the desert has decided to renew for 2016 a new day ambassadors.

40 teams will participate in this project or animation will be asked, the best projects will be selected.

Still beautiful days ahead with the students and children!

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The ambassador’s day 2019


And if it was you ?


Each year Enfant du désert organize the Ambassador’s day to allow 40 crew to live an amazing experience with childrens.

Schedule: visits of schools builed by the 4l trophy’s students, meeting and activities with childrens.

To be one of the 40 crew choosen you will need imagination , motivation and creativity to realize a project for the association and become a real ambassador!





You can pick one of the two:

–          Collect donations for the building of schools (sell of cakes or drinks, party, race..)

–          Propose a game or an activity to play with children the day of the gifts’ ceremony.


You can Join Jéromine or Laetitia of Enfants Du Désert to get advices and informations about your projects ! ! /

To get ready your subscription you can click here, you will discover the questions asked In the subscription file.

Once you are ready, click here !

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