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Press workspace

Cameraman en action - Raid 4L Trophy

The 4L Trophy™ Rally website features a dedicated press area on which you can find:

  • The press pack;
  • The various press releases;
  • A large number of photos;
  • Broadcast-ready video and sound clips
  • Regular news updates

If you are a journalist and would like to get access to this workspace, don’t hesitate to visit the site. You will then be able to request personalised access via the registration form.

Registration form

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The 4L Trophy™ and the press

Cameraman présent sur le terrain - Raid 4L Trophy

In order to optimise our media coverage, the 4L Trophy™ Rally has developed a press strategy that is up to the standards of major events:


During the Rally:

  • A press room is set up at the bivouacs, regularly distributing press releases;
  • Each evening, a TV news report (4L TV) is made available on the official, live event website. This is accompanied by a summary of the daily stage and a selection of photos.
  • A production company is in attendance to film, edit and broadcast daily images from the Rally to national and international TV channels.
  • A team of professional photographers (who also handle the Paris-Dakar Rally) are also present to ensure that photos of the event are featured in print media and on the internet, with 9,000 photos per day.


Throughout the year

  • The 4L Trophy has its own press office in Paris.
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L’Étudiant magazine – a partner of the 4L Trophy™ 2016

We are delighted to welcome L’Étudiant magazine on board as a partner for the 4L Trophy™ adventure!

The 4L Trophy™ will appear on the news page of L’Étudiant magazine in mid-October.  For 40 years, L’Étudiant has been a source of information for young people (middle and high schoolers, students, and recent graduates) as well as their parents, teachers, and educational professionals in relation to the counselling, their studies, jobs and careers, and internships.

The 4L Trophy™ will also be in attendance at L’Étudiant’s 2016 exhibition at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre in Paris.

L’Étudiant will soon be offering an opportunity – so get ready and, for more details, follow the rally on Trendy

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Le Parisien Etudiant, partner of the 4L Trophy 2016

We are delighted to introduce Le Parisien Étudiant as a new partner of the 4L Trophy™ Rally for 2016!

After the summer break, you’ll be able to find the 4L Trophy™ in the special student issue of Le Parisien – Aujourd’hui en France (“Le Parisien – Today in France”) as well as an exclusive area on their website.  A number of key moments will feature in this new partnership, including an exclusive competition with rules and procedures to be unveiled following the return from the summer break.

For more details, follow the rally on Le Parisien Etudiant and their Facebook page.

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Flashsport - Raid 4L Trophy

A partner of MAINDRU Photos – the official photographers of the Dakar Rally, Flashsport acts as a partner to many major sporting events in France and Elsewhere (including the La Réunion Grand Rally and the World 100km Championships).  Building on its unique expertise in capturing motion shots, Flashsport’s experience guarantees high quality photographs to enhance the memories of each participant in the event.

Accordingly a team of professional photographers ensures that the event is captured in detail, with 9,000 photos per day, as well as:

  • Making photos available online with a search engine that allows you to search by crew; and
  • Sending special order forms to student competitors after their return home.

Find out more:

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31.22 Prod

31.22 PROD' - Raid 4L Trophy

For seven years, 31.22 Prod’ has been the 4L Trophy™’s service provider, handling audio-visual coverage of the event.

To find out more go to

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