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An educational adventure

A project to build skills and character

In addition to its adventurous aspect, the 4L Trophy™ Rally is first and foremost a project that takes shape throughout the year.  In effect, competing in the rally represents an ambitious project that develops skills and character for all those students who choose to set off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Preparing for the rally represents a real opportunity in itself, because it requires genuine project management skills, enabling students to take a professional approach to their adventure and thus add value to their experience.

Everything starts with the administrative management of the project: setting up an association marks an important milestone, with the goal of creating a formal, legitimate context for their various activities.  They are therefore required to find a name for the association and set up its articles of association to be communicated to the local authorities at the préfecture. Once this stage is completed, a bank account can be opened, allowing them to approach their future sponsors.

Moreover, preparing a budget is a vital stage, without which it’s not possible to take part in the rally.  It includes a number of different categories, including the purchase of the vehicle, any repairs needed, insurance, communications, and funds to cover the expenses of the rally.  In effect, the crews are required to manage their budget from day-to-day in order to run their affairs and their accounts carefully, because while the rally is all about preparation, budgeting is the foundation of that.

Trophy competitors therefore set out a budget that is used as a reference in their fundraising activities.  They are therefore required to put together a partnership portfolio to present their project and to convince businesses to support them in their adventure.  Accordingly, the students canvass businesses and advocate for their commercial strategy.  This requires them to set up appointments, negotiate and deal directly with the professional world – all of which provide valuable educational experiences.

The business aspect is therefore present throughout the preparations for the event.

Nevertheless, other aspects are important, and also provide valuable skills, such as public relations.  The ability to communicate effectively is both a personal strength and a professional challenge, vital to maintain an effective profile – which applies both to the crews, with the creation of their visual identity, and to their partners.  It is therefore important to create effective communications materials, and a key aspect of this is the management of social media.  In terms of communications, the teams can also prepare a press pack in order to raise awareness with as many people as possible.

Events may also be organised from time to time, both in order to raise the crew’s profile and for fundraising purposes, and by doing this, the crews follow a project management process that focuses on the event in question.

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Why you should suggest this project to your students

Since its inception in 1997, 20,000 students have embarked on an adventure thanks to the 4L Trophy™ Rally, and ever-increasing numbers want to join the community of “trophyists.”  When asked about their motivation, themes such as adventure, personal challenge, doing something good for the community, a sense of personal freedom, and discovering new cultures are some of the key aspects that encourage participants to embark on the adventure.  However, the 4L Trophy™ Rally is also a wonderful project with effects that last a lifetime, with real-world encounters with the professional world.  It therefore represents a real opportunity to implement educational projects with a direct link to this sporting and humanitarian endurance rally that takes place on Moroccan trails.  The 4L Trophy™ course is all about strategy and this allows competitors to highlight qualities that are highly valued by the world of work, such as bravery and determination.  This extremely fulfilling experience enables participants to appreciate the qualities of a dynamic project that is organised and planned over the course of several months.

The 4L Trophy™ Rally is therefore an excellent learning exercise to present to your students.  In their search for sponsors, they must show a partnership dossier and present it to a variety of businesses, encountering the challenges of approaching potential customers on the way.  The crews must also set a provisional budget and carry out the various administrative steps that are required to allow them to take part.  This project therefore fits perfectly into an educational programme or into tutor-supervised projects.  It generates real added value to a CV because it demonstrates concrete experience of managing a project.

During the 4L Trophy™, the overriding priority is navigation: for the crews, this means demonstrating clear thinking skills and intelligence in order to complete the various stages with a road book, a map, and a compass as their only tools.

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The 4L Trophy™ Rally: lessons for life

Over and above the intensive preparation that it requires, the highlight of the 4L Trophy™ Rally remains the adventure that it offers!  The starting line represents the fulfilment of a dream for the competitors as, over the course of ten days, 2,900 students come together to experience an exceptional adventure.  Sharing and teamwork are the key to success in the challenge, because the crews depend on each other’s support and learning to work together in order to cross the finish line successfully!

The 4L Trophy™ Rally is also a voyage of personal discovery for the students as well as an opportunity to meet with local populations.  In fact, during the preparatory stages, each crew collects school supplies to be delivered to the children of southern Morocco.  When the donations are handed over, the participants provide their supplies directly to the Enfants du désert charity and meet children who benefit from the donations.  This moment during the rally is a unique, emotionally charged event that remains firmly engraved in the memory of each participant.  The values of the 4L Trophy™ – Action, Sharing and Solidarity – are expressed at every single moment of the adventure.  The Rally leaves its mark on the participants and their character, thanks to the development of a truly independent spirit. More than a simple, straightforward race, the 4L Trophy™ represents a new stage in their lives.  It fosters an open-minded, self-sufficient attitude that is vital to their working lives: in short, a personal strength that all participants can highlight on their CVs.  Taking part in the 4L Trophy™ Rally provides added value that testifies to the commitment shown by all crews over the course almost a year.

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