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A support team of over 250 people, bolstered by years of experience, ensures that competitors receive optimal levels of support throughout.  From the organiser, Désertours, to its teams of doctors, mechanics and logistics personnel and the ‘4L Trophy Coordination’ Association, based at ESC Rennes School of Business, everyone is totally committed, with the same major priority: the safety of the crews.

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Support, safety, and security during the Rally

L'organisation du Raid 4L Trophy

In order to ensure the safety and security of competitors, the 4L Trophy™ is organised and supported by 250 professionals, all of whom are in contact via VHF radio, mobile phones and satellite phones in order to communicate without wasting any time.

The organisation is divided into several key areas:


Rally management

  • Event managers;
  • Approximately 30 rally marshals;
  • Three IT engineers to manage the arrival and departure times with a number of logistics specialists and marshals to ensure that departures and arrivals are correctly managed;
  • Course HQ to manage the movements of vehicles on the trails;
  • A lead vehicle;
  • 50 4×4s on the trails (to transport doctors, mechanics, etc.)
  • Broom wagons (to “sweep up” any stranded competitors).


Safety and security for competitors

  • A 24-hour emergency number is issued to all crews at the Departure Village;
  • A 24-hour emergency medical number;
  • A full medical assistance team, consisting of doctors, emergency specialists, surgeons and nurses;
  • 12 rescue workers from the French Red Cross are in attendance at the bivouac, 24 hours per day, alongside a medical monitoring team;
  • Mutuaide Assistance also has a team on site;
  • A helicopter for rapid interventions;
  • The Moroccan Police and the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie have been involved for 15 years at all times when the Rally has been on Moroccan territory.


The Bivouac:

  • A team to ensure the crews’ safety and security, 24 hours per day;
  • Course HQ;
  • An additional team of 120 Moroccan nationals who assemble and dismantle the bivouacs, provide meals, etc.
  • A medical area with doctors, Red Cross personnel and firefighters;
  • A mechanical area with two workshop trucks, three workshop vans, and more than 50 “Bivouac mechanics” who work day and night;
  • A number of logistics specialists and marshals who work to ensure that departures and arrivals, and distribution of water, etc., are properly managed;
  • An osteopathic area to ensure the crews’ well-being;
  • A reception and information tent, available to all competitors.
  • A giant screen for briefings and daily video reviews;
  • A tanker truck to refill the 4Ls with petrol;
  • Showers and toilets available at the Bivouac;
  • A “bin wagon” and five employees of the Pizzorno company who clean the Bivouac daily;
  • Over 50 workers, provided by Pizzorno, who ensure that the Bivouac is cleaned up after each departure.


Mechanical support:

  • Mechanical support at the bivouac, consisting of five trucks and vans kitted out as mobile workshops, allocated to different categories such as welding, general mechanics, and bodywork;
  • Over 50 mechanics at the Bivouac who work day and night;
  • Over 30 roaming mechanics in 4×4s who cover the trails and roads;
  • 4×4s equipped as breakdown and recovery vehicles;
  • Mechanical HQ open every day of the rally to support the crews.
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Désertours: the organiser

Désertours, organisateur du Raid 4L Trophy

Désertours has been the leading French provider of rally adventures for 30 years, and specialises in organising adventure trips and events of this kind.  It is based in Ciboure, in the south-west of the country, and since its establishment in 1985, it has been led by the racing driver and motorbike racer, Jean-Jacques Rey.  “The 22th 4L Trophy™ Rally will take place against the magnificent backdrop of Morocco’s Deep South.  The rally is organised in the purest tradition of African endurance rallies such as Paris-Dakar.  The goal is to cover each day’s rally stage using a road book, a map and a compass, while achieving each checkpoint along the way.  Speed is simply not a consideration.  The ranking is based on the number of kilometres travelled (so that the fewest kilometres means the best navigation), and a number of different tests such as the ability to cross sandy terrain.”

Jean-Jacques Rey, Chief executive of Désertours.

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The 4L Trophy Coordination Association

4L coordination - Raid 4L Trophy

“4L Trophy Coordination works like a genuine small business of 40 students who spend a year working to implement the event.  The team is organised into four departments (Crew Relations, Departure Village, Partnerships, and Marketing and Communications), and the association is now a major fixture on the French student scene.

The strength of the 4L Trophy™ Rally comes from its originality: an event organised by students and desert professionals, during which universities, businesses and adventure lovers can come together around a common set of values: team spirit, friendship, solidarity, support and person and the desire to set new standards.”

The 4L Trophy Coordination Team

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Rennes School of Business

“Rennes School of Business has been involved with the 4L Trophy™ Rally and supported it for years.  It wouldn’t do so if the event didn’t align perfectly with our school’s values, and we share an international approach that focuses on encouraging diversity and innovation on the part of the students.

This project resonates with our values and meets our educational goals: by organising this amazing expedition, the students encounter different cultures, manage a project on a substantial scale and develop their sense of responsibility.  Finally, it reveals a different aspect to the top management schools thanks to its resolute focus on benefiting the local community.”

Olivier Aptel, Dean of Rennes School of Business.

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