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As experienced by the crews

The story 4L Trophy™, as told by the crew

(Copy of an e-mail sent by crew 581 from the 18th Rally, on 15 March 2015)

First of all, thank you for allowing around 2,500 students to experience an exceptional adventure this year.  We had been looking forward to taking part for several years and now: mission accomplished – we can say that we are trophyists!  We’ve gone through some unforgettable moments – what amazing memories!

  • Going from the snow in Boulajoul to the fine sand in Merzouga
  • Seeing the sun set over the Moroccan dunes
  • Picnicking on the shores of Lake Errachidia
  • Seeing the Moroccan children smile when we handed over the donations
  • Meeting Berbers in the middle of nowhere
  • The night in the desert around the campfire beneath the starry sky
  • And the other trophyists: all those moments we shared with them that we’ll never forget.

In summary, Trophyists will all tell you that the 4L isn’t something you can appreciate from talking about it: you have to experience it for yourself.


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In their own words

Les étudiants témoignes - rallye raid 4L Trophy

Here are some messages left on Facebook (in French, and in a style designed for Facebook, of course):

Florent Rahyr, talking about the 4L Trophy™ album:

“When I think back to the mornings, my head pressed down in the bottom of my sleeping bag, my co-driver opening the tent, a little breath of air entering the tent and then, in the distance, the noise of two car doors closing, the roar of an engine, the wail of the siren… 4L TROPHYPHYPHY… You get up, rub your eyes, swear a bit like “Shit, it’s all falling apart,” then you’ve got the little melody that starts to kick in at 1’38, with a bit of an echo fade and then you realise “Shit, I’m in the middle of nowhere, just me and my 2,500 mates, and my 4l!”  A sunset behind the dunes or the mountains, a camel who’s smiling at you (?!?!) two metres from the tent… and then you’re so happy to be alive and to be able to enjoy little moments like that.  A massive smile makes you look like you can’t believe it’s possible but fuck you love it so much!  Breakfast, then you go over the night before, a bit of mandatory cleaning (teeth, air filter), put the key in the ignition, and you love it even more!  A little nostalgic gift for some of you, a bit of a preview for others, anyway CRAPPY HISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!”


Wesley Devaraine

“The 4L Trophy 2010 was just magic!!!  I think I’ve still got PTSD from coming back, didn’t want to go back to uni it’s a nightmare!!!!  I miss the 4L Trophy so much, I think I’m going to stop washing and go play in my little brother’s sandbox just to make me feel a bit better!!!! Anyway for 2011… no matter what, sign up now because it’s just a unique experience!!
xoxo ==> crew 1339”


Meulder Thomas Belgian crew 647:

Warm thanks to all the crews for the atmosphere and the campfire and the support that we all felt for one another.  An unforgettable adventure that will survive through the struggles of everyday reality…


Céline Decarroz

It kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4L Trophyphyphyphyphy
Long live the caring and sharing, that’s what I say


Xavier Roland

“Thank you everyone: the people that we got to know, those that we met briefly, those who gave us a hand (sometimes so important that we didn’t have time to say thank you properly!!) and those who just listened… in short, thank you everyone for this amazing experience!!


Teresita Tredez

4L Trophy, what will change your life wholeheartedly with all the guys who go to Marrakesh.


Julien Nrmd

The return to reality is just so hard after an adventure like that!! Once again, thank you to everyone for the amazing generosity and support!  Definitely THE best experience of my life.


And even more on Facebook: Raid 4L Trophy!

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