First, some facts and figures. For the 21th Raid 4L Trophy last year, 2,600 participants from over 1,460 colleges, divided into 1,300 teams, started from the Departure Village of Biarritz, aboard their legendary Renault 4L. Their goal is to reach their final destination, Marrakesh, after completing a 10-day journey of almost 6,000 km on French and Spanish roads and Moroccan tracks. This unique combination makes the Raid 4L Trophy the biggest rally for students in Europe.

But enough with the statistics. Most of all, the Raid 4L Trophy is a fulfilling and solidary sports adventure for students between 18 and 28 years old. Unlike most rallies, the competition is based on orientation, not speed. The challenge lies in making it to the finish line and in order to get there, participants will discover the true meaning of helping each other: to avoid treacherous wadis and getting stuck in the sand; or to help other contestants who suffered mechancical problems. In helping each other, the competitors will find satisfaction of their achievement and be proud of having done their best for themselves and their fellow contestants.

In addition to their desire for vast open spaces, the teams transport classroom materials in their 4Ls to donate to deprived children in Morocco. To the 4L Trophy, solidarity towards local inhabitants is not an empty phrase; as a matter of fact it is deeply ingrained in the rally’s DNA. Each year this becomes evident during the ceremony in which they hand over the donations in partnership with Enfants du désert . Many participants claim that moment is one of the highlights of the adventure.