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2019 Edition

Let’s start with a few figures.  During the 2018 event, the 21th 4L Trophy™ rally, 1,300 teams, giving a total of 2,600 competitors from 1,460 colleges and universities took off from the Halle Iraty in Biarritz, with a single, unique Departure Village on board the legendary Renault 4L.  Their goal was Marrakesh, the final destination at the end of a trip lasting ten days and covering nearly 6,000 kilometres on the roads of France and Spain as well as the off-road tracks of Morocco, all following the familiar format that has made the 4L Trophy™ Rally Europe’s largest student rally.

However, the 4L Trophy™ Rally is more than just a few lines of figures: it’s an amazing humanitarian adventure filled with challenges that encourage sporting prowess and charitable activity, open to students aged between 18 and 28 years old.  The challenge for the winner is not to go quickly but to navigate effectively, and the first requirement is to get over the finish line.  Getting to that stage requires the competitors to discover the true meaning of the word support, avoiding the pitfalls and the sandy wadis where many will fall by the wayside, unable to escape the sands and helping their fellow competitors to fix their mechanical breakdowns.  Only the support of others allows the feeling of immense satisfaction that comes from a job well done that can be seen on the faces of all successful participants, alongside their pride in having given everything for themselves and for others.

As well as their thirst for the wide open spaces, the crews set off in their Renault 4Ls, carrying equipment and school supplies to help Morocco’s most underprivileged children.
Solidarity for the local populations is not just a buzzword for the 4L Trophy™ Rally: it’s embedded in its DNA.  The emotional response of all participants at the ceremony to hand over donations, organised in partnership with the Enfants du désert (“Children of the Desert”) Charity is a highlight of the adventure and testimony to the importance of the solidarity shown by the participants.

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From Thursday 21 February to Sunday 03 march, it’s time for the ultimate adventure on the Moroccan rally stages: desert trails, sand dunes, breathtaking landscapes, navigation by compass-point and sometimes, being overwhelmed by the sands – not to mention life in the bivouac between Moroccan dinners, the crackling campfires, watching the video highlights of the day on the big screen or even getting your hands dirty making repairs in the workshop area, all in the wide open desert in the middle of nowhere!

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Follow the Rally’s progress

From the Departure Village until arrival in Marrakesh, follow the progress of the 4L Trophy™ and all the stages that await in the course of this unique adventure.

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Take part in 2019

To take part in the 22th iteration of the world’s largest student rally, you will need to meet the following four criteria: you will need to be a student, aged between 18 and 28 years, and hold both a class B driving licence and a current passport.  Everything else will fall into place behind the wheel of the legendary 4L.

NB: Waivers may be granted for students who complete their studies.

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Our partners

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The Raid 4L Trophy

In the opinion of those who’ve taken part in the adventure, the 4L TROPHY™ Rally isn’t something to be talked about: you have to experience it first-hand.  Over the course of ten days, time stands still and you forget your “other life.”  Against a backdrop of sumptuous landscapes, you keep moving forward, everyone supporting one another, meeting new people, discussing and exchanging ideas – and the result is that competitors finish the trip with a new outlook on life.

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An educational adventure

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Views from the teams

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Solidarity / Eco-citizenship

The 4L Trophy™ Rally has always, right from the start and even more than its competitors, an aspect of social solidarity and eco-citizenship, to the extent that these activities are fully integrated into the adventure.  The best example?  Our cooperation with the Enfants du désert charity has led to the opening of a number of classrooms, leading to many Moroccan children receiving a basic education for the first time.  Here’s a short overview of the of the 4L Trophy™ Rally to benefit society and promote environmental responsibility.

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Enfants du désert

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4L Solidarity

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Ecocitizenship commitment

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The 4L Trophy™ Rally has a press team that is based in Paris. It has a media relations plan that aims to maximise its profile before, during, and after the event. The 4L Trophy™ Rally conveys a dynamic, adventurous image that’s all about pushing your boundaries as well as active social engagement via a student event that has a high potential for media interest. Each year, more than 6,000 articles appear in the written press, alongside 11 hours of TV and web TV news reports and three hours of radio.

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21th edition, 2900 participants starting in 2018, an adventure that raised the myth of … The 4LTROPHY™ is now a major event of the French student life and each year attracts more and more partners.

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Edition 2019 partners





Created in 1970 Norauto is the pioneer of auto center concept in France. Nowadays Norauto is the European leader in the car maintenance. With or without appointment, the Norauto centers offer to drivers multi-brand maintenance solutions for servicing, confort and safety.


Making accessible the use of quality automotive
Setting and maintaining a lasting trust and an appropriate support with clients
Defending the purchasing power of consumers through a transparent pricing policy
Acting for the environment by organising recycling facilities coming from automotive maintenance operation.

Key figures

More than 8,500 immediate staff
502 centers worldwide including 100 franchised
A presence in 8 countries

More information :



More information:

RMC Découverte

RMC Découverte (“RMC Discovery”), a factual and entertainment TV channel provides its support to all participants in the 4L TROPHY.

Its TV scheduling features a new kind of program, presented by experts, and this 24-hour digital terrestrial channel has earned a reputation for originality and innovation that have made it a must-watch.

A leading terrestrial HD channel, with different themes including motoring, adventure, technology, science and history, RMC Découverte was voted France’s favourite TV channel in 2015.


More information at:

Le Parisien Etudiant

Le Parisien Étudiant:

The student section of Le Parisien, a practical guide to your course, jobs, accommodation and going out – and discussions of initiatives for students as well as the challenges that they face.

More information at


L’Étudiant (published by the Express-Roularta Group), is an information-based media group covering degree courses, studies, professions and finding your first job.

It also specialises in student lifestyle, student jobs, and student accommodation.

More information at

Pizzorno - Raid 4L Trophy


With respect for the environment at the heart of everything that it does, the Pizzorno Environnement Maroc Group has been involved with the 4L Trophy™ since 2010, taking part in the clean-up operation for the bivouacs.

As such, Pizzorno Environnement allocates a rubbish collection truck to each bivouac, transporting rubbish to an appropriate processing centre the next morning.

Find out more visit:

Enfants du désert (“Children of the Desert”)

A registered charity under France’s 1901 law, Enfants du désert was founded in 2005 by Laetitia Chevallier following several visits to Morocco.  The charity was born as a result of the desire to provide material and humanitarian aid to Morocco’s most underprivileged children in their family environments in some of the country’s remotest, wildest provinces.

One of the priorities of Enfants du désert is therefore education, particularly for girls, who, for a variety of reasons receive less education than boys, even today.

Learning to read, write and count is a right that should be available to everyone in the modern world.

Independently of the educational support and assistance it provides, Enfants du désert aims to inject a little happiness and joie de vivre into the children’s daily lives by providing them with toys, clothes, shoes, and hygiene products.

Laetitia and Emmanuel Chevallier travel to the region every month in order to follow up with families over the long term and to maintain a constant evaluation of the needs that could act as a brake on children’s education.

In addition, Enfants du désert works closely alongside 15 local NGOs, chosen due to their integrity, to ensure that everything the charity is involved in is monitored locally.

For more information, visit

4L Solidaire

The 4L Trophy™ also provides aid to the people of France!

The “4L Solidarity” charity was set up in 2011, and since then has partnered with the French Red Cross/  It requests that students who take part in the 4L Trophy™ bring with them 10 kg of non-perishable staple goods per crew.  Even in the first year, large numbers of students met the challenge: six tons of donations were received at the Departure Village, meaning that 12,600 meals could be served to disadvantaged people!

So: are you ready to join in with the adventure?!

If so, you’ll need to load up your sturdy old Renault 4L with 10kg of tinned goods (ready meals, vegetables, sardines, etc.), rice, pasta, baby food and nappies.

The French Red Cross will be in attendance at the Departure Village to collect your donations of food before you set off, and will answer any questions that you may have.

We are therefore relying on you to prove once and for all that the generosity of the 4L Trophy™ is legendary – and not mythical!

Sidi Ali

Since 2010, SIDI ALI natural mineral water has been the official water supplier for the 3,000 competitors in the 4L Trophy in Morocco. This partnership demonstrates the organisation’s ongoing desire to support local Moroccan business.

Find out more at

ELC - Raid 4L Trophy


ELC is a French manufacturer of lighting equipment and creator of Lumaphore. Lumaphore provides a non-dazzling homogeneous light making it possible to work under optimal and safe conditions. The Lumaphore range can light up to 2,400 m² using 640 Watts.

Find out more at:

Croix-Rouge Française - Raid 4L Trophy

French Red Cross

The French Red Cross, a registered charity that operates for the benefit of the public, has an ongoing mission to engage in all efforts to provide a social safety net and engage in charitable activities to prevent, educate about and provide protection from healthcare issues. It has teamed up with the 4L Solidarity Charitable Association to collect 10 kg of non-perishable staple goods per crew at the Halle d’Iraty Departure Village in Biarritz. These goods are then delivered to needy French families.

During the last several years, a delegation of Red Cross rescue workers has been present throughout the 4L Trophy in order to add to the medical presence in attendance at the bivouac.

Find out more at:

ESC Rennes

“ESC Rennes School of Business has been involved with the 4L Trophy™ Rally and supported it for years.  It wouldn’t do so if the event didn’t align perfectly with our school’s values, and we share an international approach that focuses on encouraging diversity and innovation on the part of the students.

This project resonates with our values and meets our educational goals: by organising this amazing expedition, the students encounter different cultures, manage a project on a substantial scale and develop their sense of responsibility.  Finally, it reveals a different aspect to the top management schools thanks to its resolute focus on benefiting the local community.”
Olivier Aptel, Dean of the ESC Rennes School of Business.

More information : ESC Rennes website

The City of Biarritz

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of the Basque country and just a stone’s throw away from the Spanish border, Biarritz welcomes its guests “with open arms.”  The enormous variety of sports on offer, including surfing, golf, sea water spa therapy and the traditional Basque game of pelota, as well as the range of events in the city, the city’s love for dancing, the Latin American Festival and the Big Festival, as well as a mild climate all year round, all make Biarritz one of southwestern France’s most attractive destinations.

Biarritz has the pleasure of hosting the Departure Village for the 2018 4L Trophy™ at the Iraty Hall, the Basque Country Exhibition Centre (Parc d’expositions du Pays Basque – La Halle d’Iraty), a modern and functional location that adapts to all kinds of events for the general public, industry professionals, and private guests, including exhibitions, large-scale conventions, special evenings, shows, and concerts.

For more information, visit:

Mairi de Marrakech - Raid 4L Trophy

City of Marrakech

The City of Marrakech is the final destination for the 4L Trophy™ Rally.

Royaume du Maroc - Raid 4L Trophy

Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco supports the 4L Trophy™ Rally.

Fédération Royale Marocaine des Sports Automobiles - Raid 4L Trophy

Royal Moroccan Motorsport Federation (Fédération Royale Marocaine des Sports Automobiles)

Each year, the Royal Moroccan Motorsport Federation welcomes the 4L Trophy™ Rally to the Moroccan desert.

Ministère du Tourisme Marocain - Raid 4L Trophy

Moroccan Ministry of Tourism

Visit the website of the Ministry of Tourism.

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